A "Competition" Not Like Any Other...

Whether you're the "Most Valuable Player" or "The Best Dressed" - you can make a difference! This is no normal game, each player will be playing in black-tie attire. Yes, ball gowns for the ladies (or men), and extra bonus points if you can play in a top hat. The game format involves co-ed teams, with unlimited substitutions. All monies raised will go to Soccer In The Streets. By playing in the game, we ask that you commit to raising at least $500 in pledges - your friends, families, colleagues or local businesses will all sponsor you.

Playing In The Match Is Half the Fun!

In addition to STYLE POINTS, there will be a special award for the player who raises the most money for the benefit of Soccer In The Streets' kids! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, even total strangers... invite them to sponsor you, and come cheer you on and join the fun. Our event team will keep you informed leading up to the game day, and meanwhile, you can watch your fundraising grow on your own page. It's simple! To get started just email Events Chairman Bill Ford at bill@soccerstreets.org or fill out the form below and explain why you would be an excellent addition to the Black Tie Soccer Game roster.

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